Why College Video Essays Should Not Be Necessary

Applying for college can be an extremely stressful endeavor. There's the application itself, tracking down high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, a good work and extracurricular history, and now possibly a personal video. Very recently some colleges have encouraged the submission of videos with applications that can be about anything the student wants as long as it is characteristic of them. This addition to the application process sparks controversy.

The application process should be based solely on the merit of the individual and the hard work they have put forward thus far to gain acceptance. A one minute video of a student horseback riding or rapping a song about college shouldn't be a factor. Although this can attest to the student's expression of creativity, there is already an essay requirement which satisfies that requirement.

The most high quality videos will come from those who can afford the tools to create it. This does not seem like it would provide any advantage to the student from a lower income family who doesn't own a video camera or know how to utilize advanced software to alter the video. The content of the material may also be more exciting if the student comes from a wealthier background. Would an admission officer prefer to see you bake some cookies with your Mom to show that you have family values, or would they rather watch you take exciting jumps on your ski-doo or stallion horse.

We are all well aware of the affects appearance has on a first impression. The more attractive men and women who submit these films may make a better first impression simply based on their physical appearance. It's a hard world out there but we know that good looking people usually get better service in stores and restaurants, but that should not be the case when applying for college.

The only thing that should matter when getting into college should be the effort you've put in thus far. Your high school transcripts attest to your abilities in school, a written essay can show off your creativity, your list of work history and extracurricular activities prove you are hard working and social; these are the things that should gain you acceptance. With the exception of a school that requires a video to show abilities in film making and editing, a personal video should be left out of applications. The application should say plenty about you without needing the additional media.

ABC News did a short piece on this on February 23rd, 2010. Go to the following link to see some submissions and brief history of the first campus to allow it. (Tufts University)http://abcnews.go.com/WN/youcollege-video-essays-arrived/story?id=9924120

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